car shipping, now it became an easier task because of the auto transport facilities. Car is an expensive automobile and it needs to be given proper care. You have selected the auto transport company and your car has been shipped. You have availed the facility of auto insurance and made an agreement with the car shipping company and you automobile has been transported. Even though you have transported, made an agreement etc still you will be not relaxed unless your car reaches you. Many thoughts have been running in your mind such as is my car is under safe custody, whether driver is driving slowly or what happened if someone would have stolen it.

You will not be calm, unless it reaches you. People need some device to monitor their car when it is transported. To make your mind free from those troubles, a new invention in technology was introduced; it is called as gps (global positioning system) which is a space based global navigation system which provides reliable information on anywhere on earth. It is a useful tool for map-making, land surveying, tracking and surveillance.

These tracking systems send the message at a rate of 50 bits per second. The receiver comes in a variety of devices such as mobile phones, car, watches and other devices. Donít worry if you donít have this device attached in your car. Many auto transport companies provide you the facility of car tracking. They provide you the information through internet, email and fax and give the details regarding your vehicle and its conditions. They also provide you the facility of connecting this device to your mobile and make you to see how your car in moving and its safety conditions.

The other uses of this device in car are you can detect your car when it is theft, and it also assists the driver regarding the directions. It reduces the insurance cost and indicates the alarm when there is a failure and break of gps signal strength. It uses wireless and RFID facilities.

You can ask a question how this gps can track the automobile. It is a system which has transmitter and receiver. Generally there are two types of car tracking system such as active and passive car tracking system. Passive system tracks the travel activities, speed, location and it also checks whether the car door is opened or closed. Active tracking system is called as an internet based tracking system since it uses the facility of internet. This system collects the same information as the former one, but it transmits the information to a computer via cellular phone or satellite. This vehicle tracking system also provide the information if your car is stolen.


So when you go auto transporting, check whether the auto transport company has vehicle tracking facility with good supporting equipment.